Print and Paint service

As a part of our website, we also offer a print and paint service.


Do you have a miniature that you want printing as a one off? One that you have already designed and need for an upcoming game? We are able to print off any miniature from a file you have already purchased.


There are three levels of painting available and these are as followed:

Tier 1 – Table Top – This is what we all see on a day to day basis while gaming. Details are painted in and there are single colour highlights. Bases are simple using texture paint or another single resource like grit or sand.


Tier 2 – Table Top Plus – This is painting with a bit more flare. In this category, more detail is added, weathering and more highlights are also included. Bases include more than one resource, so texture paints and static grass, slate and other base materials can be used.


Tier 3 – Display Quality. This is the top quality painting and will involve freehand work, design work and anything else that you could want to see. Bases are more elaborate and based on individual requirements. There is an extensive consultation for this level of work where each project will be discussed on an individual basis.



All the prices below are based on 28mm scale miniatures. If you have something larger, please get in touch for a quote.

Print and Paint Service Charges:

Printing a single miniature: £5

Painting a single miniature, Tier 1: £10

Painting a single miniature, Tier 2: £20

Painting a single miniature, Tier 3: £30+ depending on individual needs.