Some Frequently Asked Questions about the services we provide.


I have my own STC file, can you print it for me?

Yes, this is a service we offer.

What type of printer do you use?

We use two resin printers. An Elegoo Mars 2 Mono and an Elegoo Saturn for all the miniature printing.

Will you paint miniatures I already have?

Yes, if you want existing miniatures painting, get in touch on the contact us page and we can discuss what you need.

Do I have to have my miniatures painted by you?

No, we will happily send you unpainted miniatures as per your requirement.

Do the resin miniatures need to be cleaned when they arrive?

No, they have already been cleaned with alcohol using a clean and cure machine, though you are welcome to do so again if you want to.

How much for just a straight print?

This depends on the size of the miniature you want printing. Please get in touch on the contact us page and let us know what you have in mind.

Do you offer multi-buy discounts?

There is the option to buy miniatures in bulk, depending on how many you need. In regards to printing your STL files, this will depend on how many you need doing. Please contact us and we can look at this for you.

Do you charge for cleaning the model up?

Miniatures are already cleaned using alcohol so there is no residue on them.

What quality levels are available paint wise and how much does each level cost?

All information regarding the painting levels can be found on the print and paint service page, however if you have questions that are not answered there, please get in touch.

Do you sell any of the miniatures in sets on an individual basis?

Yes, if you cannot see the miniature you are looking for on its own, get in touch and let us know what you are looking for.

 Do you post outside of the Europe?

Not at the moment. This is due to export limitations. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.